About our company


         The company Sino Business Links Latvia is a professional      import/export management company,

 offering its clients full service and support in relation to China. 


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Our team work's in China and Europe.

 Therefore, we can ensure direct, fast, efficient and regular communications and service at the highest level. Also, this provides us with a better understanding of the Chinese market, consumer desires and the business environment.
China is an attractive market to many investors. Still, it is very complicated due to the specificity of the business environment as well as business culture, which loads business with China with especial care and worry. A company without the necessary knowledge about the specific laws, business environment and related stumbling blocks of the Chinese market faces an insurmountable challenge. A representative of Western business culture entering the Chinese market can face indeterminate and seemingly illogical situations at every turn, starting with initial business negotiations. Superficial knowledge about import and export management in China can incur time, energy and financial losses.



Our Mission

Our mission is to help Latvian companies develop export and business co-operation with Chinese enterprises and market.

To encourage entrepreneurs to take a step towards the more rapid development of their company.

We work in the interests of the client, because our mission is to be your support and partner in China!



That’s why we are your silk road into China!